About Telomere Biomedical


About Telomere Biomedical

Our team has a combined experience of over 50 years in pharmacology, biochemistry and biomedical science.

The Telomere Biomedical team has exclusive insight to telomerase activation technology.

They have worked in drug research and development chemistry in TGA and FDA approved laboratories since 1990.

After extensive development and testing, Telomere Biomedical has launched DNAPlus+ to the public, offering state of the art telomerase activation solutions


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Meet Our Team

Phil Haddad

Senior Research Specialist

Telomere Lenghening

Eric Walker

Research Associate

Telomere Lenghening

Kathy Chiu

Research Assistant

Our Research Team

Our Team combined experience of over 20 years in pharmacology, biochemistry and biomedical science.

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