Long-term effects of Human Growth Hormones

Ageing is of course inevitable, but we can help control how fast we age. Hormones play a huge role and most hormone levels decline as we age and therefor the effects of these hormones decline proportionately. Unfortunately the end result is a deterioration in the function of cells and our bodies as a whole.

The ageing of body cells is the direct result of a decrease in telemore length. Telemore caps protect the ends of the chromosomes against decline and the longer the telemores are, the better they function. We can eat well and take regular exercise to lessen the effects, but not stop the process altogether.


HGH Injections can help preserve telemores but they will cost you a lot of money and the procedure to obtain them is longer and more complicated. Growth Hormone injections are one way but to access these you will first have to make an appointment with your GP as you cannot get them without a referral. Unfortunately, even a referral is not a guarantee you can have the treatment.

The HGH injections themselves are not cheap and the cost required to have any sort of effect is several thousand dollars. In addition you will need to maintain the treatment and the regular payouts for life if the results are to be maintained. Even more frightening than the financial burden is the fact that once your body realises it is being pumped full of the growth hormone, its own production plummets, forcing those who take it to have regular breaks from the treatment to allow their bodies to recover and start producing it again.

Thankfully there are other ways we can slow the ageing process and astragalas root is a natural plant material that has been used for 2000 years in Chinese medicine for its anti-ageing benefits.  Astragalus, a plant native to China, is considered a very powerful herb that can stimulate the immune system and it also contains antioxidants and flavonoids which help contribute to good health and longevity. Astragalus is the primary active ingredient in DNA Plus+, which is produced by Telemore Biomedical with the aim of preserving th

e length of telemores.

DNA Plus+ comes in a very affordable and easy to take form of one tablet daily. Regular users say that after just a couple of weeks they can feel a marked improvement in their feelings of wellbeing. Benefits include skin feeling firmer, higher energy levels, improved hair and nails and the ability to think more clearly.  Clients taking DNAPlus+ have shown a stronger immune system, increased brain performance, improved memory and increased bone density.

DNA Plus+ offers a far more affordable and natural way to protect your precious telemores. It’s designed to help your cells to live longer and to remain healthy, as well as assisting old cells to function as they did when you were younger. Being a more gentle version your body will continue to produce its own growth hormones, so you won’t have the hassle of the ‘stop, start’ procedure involved with the injections.

Other important steps we can take to slow the loss of telemore length is to reduce our stress levels, sleep well, refrain from smoking, keep slim and exercise regularly (especially weight lifting as this maintains muscle and bone strength). In addition we do our bodies a huge favour by eating well. Processed foods should be eaten very sparingly, if at all, and fill your plate with fresh vegetables, fruits, proteins and healthy fats such as avocadoes and oily fish.

DNA Plus – an affordable pathway to a healthier, younger you.

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